Code I am deploying to my FaaS server (which uses Faasd)
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# If you would like to disable
# automated testing during faas-cli build,
# Replace the content of this file with
# [tox]
# skipsdist = true
# You can also edit, remove, or add additional test steps
# by editing, removing, or adding new testenv sections
# find out more about tox:
envlist = lint,test
skipsdist = true
deps =
commands =
# run unit tests with pytest
# configure by adding a pytest.ini to your handler
deps =
commands =
flake8 .
count = true
max-line-length = 127
max-complexity = 10
statistics = true
# stop the build if there are Python syntax errors or undefined names
select = E9,F63,F7,F82
show-source = true