An implementation of the Nicoletta minimalistic static site generator using the Crystal Language.
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Nicoletta is a very (very) minimalistic static site generator I wrote using Python. This repo contains a reimplementation using the Crystal language I did in order to learn the language.

I actually wrote down a journal while doing it, too!

Build and Install

You can build it by running shards build and install it by copying bin/nicoletta somewhere in yout PATH. Why would you do that, I have no idea.


Running nicoletta will:

  • Read a conf file, which should be YAML
  • Read markdown files from posts/ which have YAML metadata on top
  • Use the template templates/post.tmpl to turn the markdown into a HTML fragment using the post's metadata
  • Use the template templates/page.tmpl to turn that fragment into a HTML page using the site's config

This repo contains examples for everything :-)


Let's not :-)