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Automate creating a Faasd image.

Goal is to run this image via ignite which runs it in a firecracker microvm.


I need to do this because I need to run Faasd in the same machine as dockerized services and according to its documentation that shouldn't be done because both use incompatible versions of underlying dependencies.

Also in this way resource usage of Faasd and all "lambdas" in it is capped by the VM resources, and the rest of the system is sort-of-protected by the VM sandbox.


Assuming you have ignite and faas-cli installed:

  • replace id_rsa.pub with yours
  • run build.sh

You will end up with:

  • A running ubuntu-based VM with faasd installed and running
  • Ssh enabled and accessible via that key
  • The faasd port exposed as localhost:8082
  • Your account logged into faasd
  • The figlet function installed and working