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Things that need doing before first release

  • User flow for initial proxy setup
    • Setting up password
    • Setting up hostname for Caddy's automatic HTTPS
  • Config UI in frontend?
  • Polish frontend UI A LOT
  • Version checks for consistency between client/server
  • Have 3 runtimes:
    • Crystal + Kemal
    • Python + Flask
    • Nodejs + Express
  • Create a site
    • Document
      • FaaSO for app developers
      • FaaSO for runtime developers
      • FaaSO server setup
      • APIs
  • Sanitize all inputs
  • Streaming responses in slow operations like scaling down or building
  • Make more things configurable / remove hardcoded stuff
    • Make server take options from file
    • Make server take options from environment
    • Make server password configurable
    • admin/admin auth client side
    • faaso login is not working properly yet with proxy
  • CD for binaries and images for at least arm64/x86
  • Multi-container docker logs [faaso logs -f FUNKO]
  • Configurable verbosity, support stderr/stdout split
  • Fix proxy reload / Make it reload on file changes
  • Implement faaso help command
  • Fix export examples/hello_crystal it has a template/
  • Implement zero-downtime rollout (faaso deploy)
  • Cleanup tmp/whatever after use
  • faaso scale remote is broken
  • Setup linters/pre-commit/etc

Things to do but not before release

  • Propagate errors from run_faaso to the remote client