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Model-A Homemade Computer Project

Here are the files used to build the case for my homemade computer. You can see a lot about it in this article (or at least about it as it was in early march 2023)

The main gist is to use CadQuery and Python to build flexible, deeply parametric cases for computers based on Single Board Computers (think Raspberry Pi and similar things).

How flexible?

Suppose you buy a mechanic keyboard and use it as the base to build something like a classic C64-style wedge using a cheap 3d printer:

Image of a wedge-style computer case

Yes, you can do this using pretty much any mechanical keyboard you are willing to butcher.

And then you remove a few screws, replace a few components and turn it into a Tandy Model-100 style laptop:

Image of a Tandy style laptop case

Or into a "normal" notebook:

Image of something somewhat notebook-like

And what's inside?

  • A SBC
  • Maybe batteries
  • Maybe a USB hub
  • Perhaps a soundcard?
  • Storage?

How would I know, you are going to be the one that builds it!

How is it going

The basic concepts work, as proven by me building the damned things. But still:

  • The software needs a lot of work
  • It has to be made much more user friendly
  • All the "lids" are pretty custom one-offs (they need to be made more parametric)
  • The component library is very limited (just the things I am using in my build)

None of those things is an insurmountable problem, and I am working on them, and I have plans to fix it all. Eventually. Some day. I only do this on lunch breaks and weekends folks.

In the meantime, if you want to use any of this and need a hand, just contact me at and I'll try to help.