A library to parse shortcodes as used in Hugo and Nikola
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What it is

This is a parser for the shortcode spec as explained in the Hugo docs and used in Hugo and Nikola. Approximately.

I am implementing this for Nicolino.

It probably won't be 100% identical, but I'll try to make it as close as practical.

  • Implemented in Ragel + C for performance
  • Allocates no memory, because all strings are references to pieces of input.

What works

  • Detect shortcodes with names
  • Standalone and matched shortcodes
  • Capture data between tags in matched shortcodes
  • Capture arguments with and without names
  • Capture values with and without quotes (with details, see TODO)


You need Ragel and a C compiler.

Ragel is used to generate shortcodes.c out of shortcodes.rl. As a convenience there is a generated shortcodes.c in the repo,


  cd src && make

To run tests:

  crystal spec


  1. Add the dependency to your shard.yml:

        github: ralsina/shortcodes
  2. Run shards install


require "shortcodes"