Script/library to generate algoithmic book covers
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Tapita: a book cover generator

This is of very limited usefulness for the average person, but if you have ever needed to generate book covers for a few thousand files out of book metadata, then this may be for you!

The image it generates has some colorful "art" thanks to Dicebear which, again, will not change unless you change the title or subtitle of the book.

This is based off code from Tenprintcover although I don't think anything survives of the original code, which has been ported to Pillow and de-c64-fied.


$ python -m tapita --help
Usage: python -m tapita [OPTIONS]

  -t, --title <title>        Book title
  -s, --subtitle <subtitle>  Book subtitle
  -a, --author <author>      Book author
  -o, --output <filename>    Output file (- for stdout)
  --help                     Show this message and exit.

Example usage:

$ python -m tapita -t "Dunes" -s "Oh, worms!" -a "Frank Herbert (has no sons)" -o cover.jpg

Which produces this image:

A book cover

There are plentiful opportunities for customization, which I will probably not do anything about.

TODO: packaging and such.