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# Model-A Homemade Computer Project
Here are the files used to build the case for my homemade
computer. You can see a lot about it in [this article]( (or at least about it as it was in early march 2023)
The main gist is to use [CadQuery](
and Python to build flexible, deeply parametric cases for computers based on
Single Board Computers (think Raspberry Pi and similar things).
## How flexible?
Suppose you buy a mechanic keyboard and use it as the base to build something like a classic C64-style wedge using a cheap 3d printer:
![Image of a wedge-style computer case](
Yes, you can do this using pretty much any mechanical keyboard you are willing to butcher.
And then you remove a few screws, replace a few components and turn it into a
Tandy Model-100 style laptop:
![Image of a Tandy style laptop case](
Or into a "normal" notebook:
![Image of something somewhat notebook-like](
And what's inside?
* Maybe batteries
* Maybe a USB hub
* Perhaps a soundcard?
* Storage?
How would I know, you are going to be the one that builds it!
## How is it going
The basic concepts work, as proven by me building the damned things. But still:
* The software needs a lot of work
* It has to be made much more user friendly
* All the "lids" are pretty custom one-offs (they need to be made more parametric)
* The component library is very limited (just the things I am using in my build)
None of those things is an insurmountable problem, and I am working on them,
and I have plans to fix it all. Eventually. Some day. I only do this on
lunch breaks and weekends folks.
In the meantime, if you want to use any of this and need a hand, just contact me at and I'll try to help.